New online visa service available in 2009

If you’re hoping to live and work in Dubai then you might be able to apply for your visa online.

Dubai’s Department of Naturalization & Residency (DNRD) has announced that, from this year, members of the public will be able to make online visa applications using a facility previously only available to registered companies. All visa applications will still need to be accompanied by a photograph in order to be processed.

For the latest visa information, including updated visa fees, go to Dubai’s Department of Naturalization & Residency.


Migrants in some occupations not allowed to bring families to live in Abu Dhabi

The number of people breaking visa laws has prompted a new Government regulation which bans some expats from bringing their families to Abu Dhabi to live with them.

Due to the difficulty monitoring the legality of visas and to close some loopholes, the Government is disallowing, for the time being, migrants working in 57 occupations to bring family members.

The list of occupations includes cooks, make-up artists, bakers, tailors, grave diggers and falcon trainers.

Read The National article here and to find out more about working in Abu Dhabi and the UAE come to an Opportunities Gulf States Expo in 2009.

Job opportunities in Bahrain

The smallest of the Gulf States, Bahrain is no lightweight. Ranked as the fastest growing economy in the Middle East, Bahrain is going through a period of intense development.

There is a huge demand for professionals with the right skills and experience. Job opportunities abound in sectors such as construction, banking, oil and gas and teaching.

Bahrain’s government is actively encouraging temporary employment for foreign workers. Foreigners are not encouraged to settle in Bahrain permanently due to the government’s desire for the region to become self-sufficient; however, foreign workers are appreciated for their contribution and are paid well.

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Finding a job at an expo

Your move to a better life in a new country could start at a job expo.

Getting a job offer is usually the easiest route to a new life in a new country. Job expos let you get the answers to your questions about immigration, and meet face-to-face with prospective employers, without having to travel halfway around the world.

Job expos are the ideal place to meet top employers and recruitment consultants who want to recruit skilled people. Going to a job expo also gives you the opportunity to speak to a range of companies who can help you make your move a stress-free one.

You could even walk out the door with a new job and a better life, as many employers make job offers at the expos.

Tips for finding a job at an expo

  • Improve your chances of getting the job you want – go to an expo that focuses on a specific country
  • Do some research before you go on where you’d like to live in your new country – it will make your expo experience more worthwhile.
  • Start the visa application process – work out which visa you’re eligible for and get the ball rolling.
  • Maximise your time at the expo – some times of the day (and days of the week) are quieter than others – ideal if you want to avoid the queues.
  • Get your paperwork sorted – have hard copies of your CV on hand to pass out to prospective employers (and make sure your CV is well written and well presented), and consider attaching a photo of yourself to jog their memories later on.
  • Brush up your interview skills. Some employers interview at the expos so make sure your first impression is a good one by dressing appropriately – and remember that a smile and a firm handshake go a long way.

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Will the UAE be immune to the global slowdown?

The current global slowdown will have less impact on the UAE than it will on industrial countries according to the latest Oxford Business Group business guide The Report: Dubai 2009.

According to Khalaf Ahmed Al Habtoor, Chairman of Al Habtoor Group, business is still booming in the UAE with companies experiencing growth of 45%-60% and the overall economy performing very well at 6.5% growth.

Read more here, and visit to find out more about working in the Gulf States.

Camel on a camel farm

All about the Gulf States – a crash course in geography

If you were never very good at geography at school, here´s a quick crash-course on the geography of the Gulf States…

The Gulf States

The Gulf States incorporate the United Arab Emirates (UAE) as well as Bahrain, Kuwait, Oman, Qatar and Saudi Arabia.

United Arab Emirates

The UAE is a federation consisting of seven states or emirates: Abu Dhabi, Ajman, Dubai, Fujairah, Ras al-Khaimah, Sharjah and Umm al-Quwain.

Population: over 4 million

Capital: Abu Dhabi.

Economy: rapidly growing economy; GDP capita currently 14th in the world.

Expats make up over 90% of the private labour force, drawn to the UAE by the booming economy, plentiful sunshine, and tax-free status.

Abu Dhabi: capital of the UAE and home to major international schools and impressive growth. Offers exciting opportunities in the financial services, IT and media sectors.

Dubai: one of the fastest-growing populations in the world; expats now making up over 80% of the population. Rapid economic growth (13.4% from 2000 to 2005) and an increasing liberal lifestyle.

Bahrain: income tax is a flat rate of 1%; ranked as the fastest-growing economy in the Middle East

Kuwait: 9th in wealth per capita; roughly two thirds of the population are foreign born.

Oman: home to estimated 600,000 expats with a strong industrial sector

Qatar: 4th highest GDP worldwide; quality of life similar to Western European countries

Saudi Arabia: the most populous of all the Gulf States; a vast oil industry; private sector largely dominated by expat workers.

If you’re a skilled person looking to move to and work in the UAE or Gulf States – one of the fastest growing regions in the world – then visit for advice on how to make your dream a reality.

Brits love the luxury of Dubai

A recent study run by the Institute for Public Policy Research has found Dubai is the number two destination for Brits looking for a environment they can most enjoy working in. The survey took into account lifestyle, rates of pay, tax benefits and levels of happiness. Over two thousand expats were interviewed to find the results.

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